A Japanese woman has come up with a novel idea to increase the chances of finding a forever home for cats condemned for their colour
Yagi wants to help black cats get adopted. The collars of the feline creatures are colour-coded to help visitors tell them apart. Pics/Facebook

Black cats are considered to be unlucky for no fault of theirs. The owner of Nekobiyaka, a cat café in Japan, decided enough was enough. The owner, identified only as Yagi, decided to run a café dedicated exclusively to black cats.

Yagi wants to help black cats get adopted. The collars of the feline creatures are colour-coded to help visitors tell them apart

Nekobiyaka has become somewhat of a tourist attraction because of its unique black felines. Yagi wanted to increase the cats’ chances of being adopted. As is the case with most places around the world, the rate of adoption for black cats in Japan is significantly lower than that of cats of other colours. At Nekobiyaka, patrons get to interact with black kitties and realise for themselves that the superstitions surrounding them are nothing but unfortunate myths.

Nekobiyaka has become a tourist attraction because of its black cats

A total of 321 black cats have ‘graduated’ from the café as of April this year. Every time, one black cat got adopted, Yagi brought another from an animal shelter to take its place. There are always at least 10 cats in the café, each wearing a different-coloured collar around their neck, to help visitors tell them apart. There is even a cat menu that lists their names and collar colours.

Nekobiyaka has become a tourist attraction because of its black cats

The admission price is 1,000 yen (R690) for the first hour, and 500 yen (R345) for every 30 minutes after that. Patrons can call for beverages and read from a wide range of manga and magazines, most of them cat-themed.

No. of cats who have ‘graduated’ from Nekobiyaka

Punished for being potty mouths

Representation pic

Humans are not the only ones who can get up to mischief. Our feathered friends can be naughty, too. “If they teach the others bad language and I end up with 250 swearing birds, I don’t know what we’ll do,” lamented Steve Nichols, the CEO of Britain’s Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. Nichols is referring to five grey parrots that have been removed from public view because of their bad behaviour. “I get called a fat t**t every time I walk past,” he told CNN.

Although he and fellow park employees had their fair share of laughs, they decided that it would be best to move the cursing birds out of view before children, who visit the wildlife park can hear them. The birds have been moved to different groups, and the plan is to put them in separate areas of the park. “At least, if they do swear, it is not as bad as three or four of them blasting it out at once,” explained Nichols.

Eminem all across her body

Pic/@crazyeminemlady, Instagram

Nikki Patterson might just be the fan of the decade. The 35-year-old from Scotland has just secured the Guinness World Record for having the most tattoos of the same musician. That’s right! Patterson has 15 portraits of Eminem across various parts of her body. She told Fox News that she got one more tattoo since she set the world record and plans to get five more in the near future. “After that… it will depend on how much skin I have left,” she joked.

Kissing Corona


A steamy novella called Kissing the Coronavirus is equal parts bizarre and funny. The now-viral, 16-page e-book written by MJ Edwards, has Dr Alexa Ashingtonford, a scientist tasked with finding a cure for the Coronavirus, as its protagonist. But Ashingtonford falls in love with the enemy, the virus in a human form.

A spider like no other

A spider like no other

An Australian woman chanced upon a new species of spiders in her backyard, a vibrant blue-faced one with eight eyes. Amanda De George first spotted it over a year ago, but it was only recently that she managed to capture it and send it to an expert for identification, reported The Daily Mail.

Astronaut to cast her ballot from space

Astronaut to cast her ballot from space

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins plans to cast her next vote from space, more than 320 km above the earth. Rubins is in Russia, preparing for a mid-October launch and a six-month stay at the International Space Station. “I think it’s really important for everybody to vote,” Rubins told agencies.

Ex-con tries to airlift his lover from prison

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A former con, Mike Gielen, was busted in Belgium for hijacking a helicopter to break his wife out of jail. Gielen used his own name to book the flight, reported The Telegraph. Not very smart for an ex-con, we say. The drug smuggler planned to use the aircraft to rescue his wife, Kristal Appelt.

Facebook flags pic of onions as sexual

A Canadian business said they submitted an ad to Facebook to promote its ‘walla walla’ onions. Apparently, the submitted image was rejected by the social media network because the photo, which depicted only a group of onions, was deemed to be “overtly sexual.” Jackson McLean, manager at the company, said they were surprised, amused and confused at Facebook’s decision.

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